Toe Jan Braai vir Erfenis De Rust besoek het, het hy by De Rust View Gastehuis oornag. Ben moes toe 'n volstruis-eier vir die program gaarmaak. Groot pret gewees!

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Sorry! We are fully booked for the Meiringspoort 1/2 Marathon

About 3500 athletes visit De Rust to run the Meiringspoort 1/2 marathon. Unfortunately accommodation in De Rust is limited to about 300 beds. The next best option will be Klaarstroom, Prince Albert and of course Oudtshoorn.

Your hosts:

We came to De Rust some four years ago. Lanie-Marie is a lawyer that once a month go to her practice in Marble Hall and Ben - a former journalist - then has to keep the fort.

Lanie-Marié and Ben

You may also encounter the following at the guesthouse. If you are allergic or have a deeprooted fear of animals, please let us know so that we can lock them up.

We found Coco under a pile of wood one morning. She had 4 legs then, but was limping and so we took her to the vet who told us the break was too bad and so the leg was amputated.

Coco - a loveable three legged cat

Katinkie may be loveable the one moment and grumpy the next.

Katinkie - a moody cat

Moja's favourite party trick is rolling over for a tummy rub. She adores adults, but may-be grumpy with kids.

Moja - an excitable Jack Russel

Inside areas are modern and stylish

De Rust View Guesthouse is insured by BnB Sure

The Karoo is a photography paradise - rich in subjects. So bring your camera along when you stay in De Rust!

One of the wonderful images in the De Rust region. Pic by Ben


Places to dine out in De Rust are limited, but luckilly we like to cook - though we are by no means professionals. Choices are limited though and we only do a main course per night. Please book in advance and let us know of any allergies and the like.

We have a liquor license and sell wine, beer and softdrinks. BYO own is welcome at a corkage charge of R30 p bottle.


We take pride in our food!

Here is an example of what has been on the menu.


Mustard and Leek Chicken Pie

We only use free-range chickens that have led a happy, long life. Our home-made bacon gives a touch of smokiness. With that chips and a light salad.

Provencal Daube

Beef shank with our own cured bacon exemplifies the beauty of slooooow cooking at its best in this classic French dish. The natural taste of the meaty ingredients are brought to the fore with subtle nuance from the stock, smokiness of the bacon, vegetables (carrots and celery) and herbs. This is not a thick stew, but a tasty broth with chunky bits of meat and veggies. Served with our home made bread – perfect to mop up the juices.

Lamb chops

Here in the Karoo, we do our speciality – freerange lamb with a taste of Karoo shrub. Grilled, spiced and finished off with a dash of lemon juice and hoping for a crispy rind. Served with chips and a salad


Breakfast - Please let us know the evening before if you will require breakfast

Good ‘ol bacon and eggs with our own wood smoked bacon with eggs and home made bread. Also fresh fruit, cereal, yogurt, jam and juice