Toe Jan Braai vir Erfenis De Rust besoek het, het hy by De Rust View Gastehuis oornag. Ben moes toe 'n volstruis-eier vir die program gaarmaak. Groot pret gewees!

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Sorry! We are fully booked for the Meiringspoort 1/2 Marathon

About 3500 athletes visit De Rust to run the Meiringspoort 1/2 marathon. Unfortunately accommodation in De Rust is limited to about 300 beds. The next best option will be Klaarstroom, Prince Albert and of course Oudtshoorn.

Your hosts:

We came to De Rust some four years ago. Lanie-Marie is a lawyer that once a month go to her practice in Marble Hall and Ben - a former journalist - then has to keep the fort.

Lanie-Marié and Ben

You may also encounter the following at the guesthouse. If you are allergic or have a deeprooted fear of animals, please let us know so that we can lock them up.

We found Coco under a pile of wood one morning. She had 4 legs then, but was limping and so we took her to the vet who told us the break was too bad and so the leg was amputated.

Coco - a loveable three legged cat

Katinkie may be loveable the one moment and grumpy the next.

Katinkie - a moody cat

Moja's favourite party trick is rolling over for a tummy rub. She adores adults, but may-be grumpy with kids.

Moja - an excitable Jack Russel

Inside areas are modern and stylish

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The Karoo is a photography paradise - rich in subjects. So bring your camera along when you stay in De Rust!

One of the wonderful images in the De Rust region. Pic by Ben

Peaceful in De Rust

The road through Meiringspoort is a thin black snake far below as we stand here at the top of Barry Meijer’s farm with gnarled Swartberg Mountain boulders seemingly poised to tumble down and eradicate man’s delicate construction in this dramatic landscape.

The wind is a bone chiller and moans forlornly as giant Alpine swifts whip past you like fighter aircraft. Barry jumps from rock to rock like a big bear with a permanent grin, as he proudly shows his brand new hiking trail that leads you to the lookout point above Meiringspoort - something special that relatively few people have seen. After thirty years in America, he speaks English with a perfect Yankee accent, but where did he choose to plant his feet? De Rust. In September 2011 our bakkie struggled over the last hill to our new home in De Rust, like a big green tick - the green tarp protecting the first peces of furniture for our new house. In-comers. That was what we were known as. De Rust had been a long forgotten stopover. A petrol and pie-place for your trip to somewhere. But here we were and De Rust had just won the title of Town of the Year. Many villages remain stagnant, but somewhere in De Rust’s make-up of human dynamics something had begun to smolder. It is a melting pot of old and new, the old De Rusters and the new De Rusters. And in this melting pot we are building our lives in De Rust. Next time you are in De Rust, turn off the main road and look at the charming houses - I promise you will not get lost.

Many houses have been built in the Karoo vernacular, but restoring them is a labour of love not for the fainthearted.

Many a night we had to listen to Roger Dotta complaining about builders, paint, cement and of spiraling costs, but his ‘Nagmaal huisie’ as it is known is a living monument of stylish Karoo chic. Unique. That is De Rust and so are the people. Interesting people. Friendly people. People with whom you can sit at the fireplace with a glass of Oom Swepie le Roux’s dessert wine that you can buy at the family’s road stall - Domein Doornkraal. Joel is a vegetarian with an eco-friendly cementless home and a biogas tank. From his house’s wide windows you can look at the Kammanassie Mountains far-far-away. At MooiKaroo you may find Freda Schoeman and Glendine Vorster - their little shop is a unique oasis for women that are on the hunt for something special from the Karoo. The men can sit outside and sip coffee and watch life slowly whizzing by in the Klein Karoo. There are artists like Bill Strapp, Diane McLean, Neels Coetzee, Volga White who all tap their inspiration from the Karoo. We’ve met many people at the Kaalgat Kudu, only open Fridays and Saturdays,  where you can enjoy Henno's handmade wood fired pizzas. This is where we met Lydia Elstadt and who have introduced us to the wonderful world of art and documentary films. The Kudu is mostly the 'Inkommers's pub, but it is the old locals that had built De Rust and it is the younger generation of Bernard and Hannerie Delport which continues to build it. The couple has a huge hand in planning the annual Meiringspoort Half Marathon when some 3 500 athletes and supporters pour into town.

The whole of De Rust then pitch in to hold one of the best road races in the country as part of their annual church fete. It is this positive energy that earned De Rust its title of Town of the Year. Positive energy? Want to see it first hand? Pop in where the giant rooster stands guard at the Village Trading Post and experience Niekie Eksteen. Life is always ‘fantastic’ and his calm business partner Soan Jacobs, always have to keep the reigns in hand lest Niekie tries to move the Swartberg Mountains to the sea.

Enjoy something from one of the top restaurants in the Klein Karoo and visit Brende Brits’ art gallery at the back. Maybe ... it is something about De Rust’s underground magnetic lines far below that bubble and simmer and appear as pure energy to our little community. Dr. Suzanne Delport organizes the annual De Rust Eco Festival, Pieter Schoeman and Barry Meijer are involved in the De Rust Trail Run, we practice for the annual concert, the Pioneer Trek cycle race storms past and there is a monthly farmer’s market.

A lot of activities are organized by the NG church which as only church in De Rust serves as Mother Hen for all religions and where Dominee Hennie is the father. But after all the hustle and bustle in De Rust, there is always time to quiet down. As the sun dips over the Swartberg Mountains and the last sun rays paint the Kammanassie mountains red, then a beautiful quietness descends on the streets of De Rust. Peace and quiet in De Rust.


Barry Meijer by die uitkykpunt saam met Chimoya

Barry Meijer at the look-out point above Meiringspoort.

Mense sien altyd net De Rust, maar daar is van die pragtiste plaaspaadjies as jy 'n entjie gaan ry.

The De Rust landscape


Especially during holidays you can enjoy a donkey cart ride in De Rust.